Hit and Suppress a lot of enemies at the same time!

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CTRL to free burst!

Burst through smokes or hit multiple people easier with CTRL!aimYou don't have to click on someone to shoot!

Anti-Sneak capabilities!

You can even desneak Sneakers if you know their approximate position! Use it!

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Bursters. Also a super fun class due to the fact you can always shoot with a Burst gun since you can use CTRL. Don't see enemy because of smoke? Shoot through it. Want to hit multiple enemies easier? Shoot in-between them. You are disoriented or blinded? Just shoot where leader places markers.
Also. Bursters suppress. A LOT. When you are shot by burst (Bullets don't even have to hit) you can get suppressed. When suppressed you can only walk and have malus to your resistances. Very. Very strong.
Bursters are split in-between Assault Rifle (Small Gun) Bursters which can shoot super fast with low AP and usually only hit 1 target for high amount of dps. Or MG (Big Gun) Bursters which can shoot slower, have higher Cone of Fire, do smaller damage across multiple targets (For higher DPS but spread across) and much easier chance to suppress people.

Armors you can take
- Metal Armor - Good - Gives you most Resistances for Tanking, but has 1-2x Malus Rate of Fire, and very bad against Fire. Has 1-3x Confident (Increases Suppression Resistance) and 1x Stonewall (+2 Strength against KD and KO Rolls)
- Combat Armor - Good - Gives you good Resistances with not too much Maluses or Bonuses. Allround Armor. You will be harder to heal however. (More AP to heal yourself or others to heal you), and you will have lower AP+ Regen. Has Plated Gloves (+2 Endurance to Cripple / Weapon Drop Rolls) and Bonus Critical Resistance

Traits you can take
- Bruiser - Okey. +2 Strength but less AP+ Regeneration as if lost 3 Agility.
- Fast Shot - Okey. -10% AP for shooting, but -5% maximum Hitchance.
- Dead Man Walking - Very Good. -10 Max HP but +100 more negative HP you can get before dying

Perks you can take
- Any Tanking Perk, especially if you have Low Range.
- Any Critical Resistance Perk.
- Any Healing Perk.
- Fast Reload - Good if you spend more AP on Reloads then Firing
- Bonus Rate of Fire - Good if you spend more AP on Firing then Reloads
- Do or Die - Okey. More AP Regen on lower HP.
- PMS Defense - Very good if high Bleed Resistance. Converts 10% Damage you receive to Bleed
- Barricade Tactician - Very good if you use Weapons that have to be deployed