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Grenade Launcher and Rocket Launcher play more or less the same. You shoot on a hex you want to shoot. Your Character might aim 1-2 seconds. Then he shoots. However, the Rocket / Grenade has to fly to its destination. In case of Rockets, enemies that have good reaction times can try to avoid it, in most cases you will hit though if they don't move. A direct Rocket Hit can outright kill someone. Snipers are dead 95% of times. The damage is just too big. But you can shoot only once. And after that have fun reloading for 200 AP. UNLESS. You have a Teammate reloading your Rockets. Then you can literally spam Rockets and kill Enemies Second by second. (People don't realize how OP this is yet. Problem is, not many want to play Reloader. But dude this is fucking OP. Since reloading someone else costs less AP then doing so yourself, and the guy shooting doesn't spend it, it is very effective. Note: Works only for weapons with the "Assisted Reload" Perk! Don't try to reload everyone else's weapon.)

Flamer you usually just Crowd Control. You light up passages enemies are not supposed to go through, or just flame the enemies directly by shooting at their position where they group up. 90% of times you will have most damage per fight.

If you are a Grenade Launcher Guy, don't forget you not only have Explosive Ammo. You also have Fire Ammo and Smoke Ammo. Both can be extremely useful since they explode on IMPACT. Unlike Fire Grenades or Smoke Grenades you throw by hand.

Armors you can take
- Metal Armor - Good - Gives you most Resistances for Tanking, but has 1-2x Malus Rate of Fire, and very bad against Fire. Has 1-3x Confident (Increases Suppression Resistance) and 1x Stonewall (+2 Strength against KD and KO Rolls)
- Combat Armor - Good - Gives you good Resistances with not too much Maluses or Bonuses. Allround Armor. You will be harder to heal however. (More AP to heal yourself or others to heal you), and you will have lower AP+ Regen. Has Plated Gloves (+2 Endurance to Cripple / Weapon Drop Rolls) and Bonus Critical Resistance

Traits you can take
- Fast Shot - Very Good because shooting these types of weapons is usually done through CTRL. Where Hitchance doesn't really matter.

Perks you can take
- Any Tanking Perk, especially if you have Low Range.
- Any Critical Resistance Perk.
- Any Healing Perk.
- Fast Reload - Good if you spend more AP on Reloads then Firing
- Bonus Rate of Fire - Good if you spend more AP on Firing then Reloads
In 90% of cases you will want Fast Reload instead of BRoF since those weapons usually cost A LOT reloading and they have low bullets in clip
- PMS Defense - Very good if high Bleed Resistance. Converts 10% Damage you receive to Bleed