Heal and Revive your Teammates!

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Living Anatomy

Make sure to get the Living Anatomy Perk so you can see your Teammates HP over their heads!hpbar

Throw Smokes before Reviving!

Throwing Smokes ensures your enemy have a harder time killing your revived Teammate!

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Most Information in this Guide is provided by Seki, who was kind enough to write everything down.

The role of a Medic is to keep his Team alive. We will go through some important things to consider when exactly a Medic will be effective.

In different active Era's of the Server, a Medic plays with varying effectiveness.

Era 1 - Medic is quite bad, as he has no access to FA Kits, and the only Healing Drug (Healing Powder), cuts teammates Perception.
Era 2 - Medic is shining! Not only do you now have access to FA Kits, but you get Stimpaks, which heal allies immediately and give them no debuff.
Era 3 - Medic is okey. While not much different then Era 2, and you even having a better FA Kit, the addition of Super Stimaks means your Teammates will be able to heal themselves quite efficiently.

In different Teams, a Medic plays with varying effectiveness.
In most cases, the effectiveness of a Medic is limited by his team. A Medic is more effective in bad teams, and less effective in good teams.
If his Teammates know how to position themselves and not step into death-traps, a Medic won't save them often. On the contrary, if Teammates are not careful and stand in wrong spots at the wrong times, a Medic will be a lifesaver.

With different Builds of Teammates, a Medic plays with varying effectiveness.
Most Builds have either a) low Intelligence, thus no First-Aid skill. They mostly rely on Healing Drugs to heal themselves.
or b) High Intelligence, decent First-Aid skill. They use Healing drugs mostly only when they are bandaged.
A Medic works best with Builds of type a). They not only gain more Special/Skill Points, as well as Perks, but give the Medic more Freedom to manage their Bandaged level the way he wants to.
Players who are poor or bad and avoid Healing Drugs, thus only using First Aid Skill and receiving a high bandaged-level, will make a Medic life's harder and start to get used to him - those are best to be avoided by the Medic.


Even though you don't shoot, Positioning is still an important part.
Analyzing the situation and predicting where damage will come from, who will get shot first and where you have to be is paramount.
You want to stay close to who you assume will need help first, but at the same time not expose yourself too much. You might become a prime target by the enemy!

Don't tank Damage yourself!
One of the main downsides of a Medic is that he can't heal himself once he is bandaged, so he can only take limited amounts of damage.
Avoid getting shot, and let your Teammates tank the damage, which you will then heal.

Stay safe! Don't be greedy!
If you think someone is in a really bad spot and you know he will most likely die, don't risk yur own life to help him. If you die yourself, your whole Team will be missing out on a lot of HP you could have given them if you would not have died!

Counter Cripples and Knockouts!
Especially during times Snipers poke each other - Most players have a low Doctor Skill, and thus have HUGE AP Costs to heal their own cripples. Heal them! However, do not use Doctor on someone who has no broken limbs! Doing so will heal their Bleed, but add a LOT of Bandaged Status!
Don't forget FA Kits have Sal Volatile Perk, which wakes up targets from Knockouts when you use First Aid on them!

Bandaged Status and Stims vs FA
Once you heal someone with First Aid, his Bandaged Status will increase, meaning any further First Aid Heal will be less effective.
Bandaged Status slowly goes down over time - this is the hardest part of playing Medic, and the reason the Trait "Drug Dealer" is important. You have to manage Bandage Level of your team and each time you heal, deciding between Stimpak and First Aid.
In general, you do not want to use Super Stimpaks on your Teammates, as those disable AP+ Regeneration.
First Aid is more AP Efficient but only during low to medium Bandage Levels. After that you do not want to use it and instead use Healing Drugs.
A second Medic who doesn't understand this concept, will be your worst nightmare. As he will increase everyone's bandaged level to insane amounts.

You can revive every player, but only once. After a player is revived they will have a 10 Minute debuff called "Defibrillate", which will lock them out from being revived again.
Doctor : 25% Chance. AP Cost: In-between 75 and 200, depending on your Doctor Skill. Avg HP after revive: ??
Epinephrine : 50% Chance. AP Cost: 100. Avg HP after revive: -62.5
Automatic Defibrilator: 50% Chance. AP Cost: 100. Avg HP after revive: -12.5
Manual Defibrillator: 100% Chance (200 Doctor). AP Cost: 100. Avg HP after revive: -12.5
Use Manual Defibrilator in Era 3 and Epinephrine in Era 2, as they are better then Doctor.
Think twice before Reviving, especially if the fight hasn't ended yet. Reviving someone puts them very close to death, as well puts them at 100% Bandaged status and -100AP. If they die again immediately afterwards, they will not be able to be revived again!
If you really want to Combat-Revive, don't forget to throw a Smoke Grenade!

Armors you can take
- Suppoprt Combat Armor - Must Have. Lowers AP cost of heals

Weapons you can use
- Smoke Grenades - In your Main Hand. 2-3 if you only use them for reviving your Teammates. More if you also use it as Utility for your Teammates.
- Epinephrine (Era 2) / Manual Defibrilator (Era 3) - In your Second Hand. Higher Chance per AP to revive someone then using Doctor. Manual Defibrilator requires 200 Doctor.
- First Aid Kit (Era 2) / Field Medic FA Kit (Era 3) - In your Utility Slot. Have a chance to disappear. 2 are usually enough. When using your First Aid Skill, any FA Kit in your Util Slot will be used automatically.
- Healing Drugs (Stimpaks, Super Stimpaks) - In your Inventory. 50 Stimpaks per fight are a good number. Only use First Aid when necessarry and mainly use Stimpaks for Healing. Super Stimpaks are usually only good for Reviving since they disable AP+ Regen.
- Drugs (Voodoo) - In your Inventory. If you know a fight will last less then 2 Minutes, use it. It will cut down traveling time between Teammates. Also good to catch up / run away. Also increases your survivability by flat damage converted to bleed instead.
- Drugs (Afterburner Gum) - BAD. Sounds good on paper, but with 70 maximum AP you can not use First Aid 2 times in a row without going into Minus AP.

Traits you can take
- Drug Dealer - Must Have. Your Healing Items heal +50% HP, but healing yourself costs double AP.
- Heavy Handed - Good. Enables you to fight enemies if they get too close.
- Gifted - Good. Extra Points will boost your survivability greatly.

Perks you can take
- Living Anatomy - Must Have. +3% Crit Chance and you can see Teammates HP
- Faith Healer - Must Have. Less Bandaged Level on using First Aid or Doctor and consume Medkits slower
- Field Medic - Must Have. Less AP cost on healing others
- Toughness - Must Have. Increases Survivability
- Dr. Strangelove - Very Good. +50HP on FA heal or -50 Bleed on Doc Heal
- Grenadier - Very Good. In order to keep throwing Smoke Grenades to revive under Enemy Fire.
- Action Boy - Good. More AP means More Healing.
- Medicinae Doctor - Good. Allows you to take less Intelligence, and thus have more of your other Stats.
- Other Tank Perks - Good. Survivability is good. As long as you live you can keep your teammates alive.
SPECIAL you can take
- Perception - 1-??. Go with whatever you are comfortable. If you have good Team communication you can play with 1 PE as you see your Squad anyways.
- Charisma - 1-??. If you have a Leader you can increase this, as he most likely will run RunSpeed which will help you. If you don't want to rely on your Leader, take 1.
- Intelligence - 4-10. Enough for maximum FA & Doc, or maximum FA with Medicinae Doctor.
- Agility - 10. You need max Agility as you will be constantly Running and using up AP.