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Can't really say much about Melee except they are much more viable then FO2 since there is no "One-Hexing" mechanic here. Try to melee your enemy against walls or objects for approximately +25% damage increase. (Sometimes even 50%).
Melee is also super effective in clearing easy dungeons since you won't be wasting bullets you can instead use in PvP or harder dungeons.

Armors you can take
- Almost everything. Sneak Armor works too if making Melee Sneak.
- Metal Armor, Combat Armor, Support Combat Armor, Leather Armor.

Traits you can take
- Heavy Handed - Must Have. +20 Melee Damage. -1 Agility.
- Finesse - Absolutely no idea if good or bad.

Perks you can take
- Do or Die - Good. Since you WILL be taking damage when meleeing someone, higher AP+ Regen on less Health will help you a lot.
- Quick Recovery - Good. You don't want to lie on ground very long or be slowed down by Suppression. You have to get to the enemy!
- Venomous Hands - Probably Bad. "Applies Poison on Melee Attacks". Even though Poison is much more unforgiving in AoP and a very strong malus (removing Healing Rate for example), it is probably not worth it. Can maybe be very good though. Ask someone with experience.
- The Impaler - Bad. Throwing Spears can go through enemies will still bug a lot and not hit more then 1 guy.