Shoots enemy from Range!

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Aim at Limbs!

Use Keybinds to Aim at different Body Parts!aim

Where to shoot?

Eyes to keep the Enemies blind and disoriented
Head and Groin to keep them on the ground
Arms to make them unable to shoot back
Legs to keep them pinned

Build Help

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A really fun class to play in AoP. Especially when you consider there are Snipers with up to 100 Hex of Range in late Tiers.
You will ALWAYS outrange enemies. (Unless it is night)
Most Snipers are Small Guns. There are some really hart-hitting Snipers in Big Guns class however, that need Deployment. Those Snipers can almost one-shot people if they are not careful enough. Which is why it is very important to either not let them deploy, or break their Deployment as soon as possible!
(3 Big Guns PTRS-41 Snipers will 100% kill anyone who will walk into their line of fire and stay there for more then 2 seconds. You NEED to spot them soon and try to avoid them! Use Sneakers, long-range Classes or other mobile Classes for that!)

As a Sniper, you have different goals. If you have fast-shooting Sniper, you might want to cripple as much and as many as you can. If you have slow-shooting big caliber Sniper, you want to go to kill Assist target ASAP.
You can also be counter-sniping. Or stop Deployment of Deployed Enemy units by knockdowning them.
Shooting Arms works as well, since they have to pick up gun and redeploy.
Shooting Legs is VERY effective in stopping enemies that are running away! Because healing Legs takes more then 100 AP which basically means he is dead as soon as you cripple leg even in first state. (You can cripple limb multiple times with increasing severity)

Please don't forget. This game has NIGHTTIME. During night your Perception is reduced by a strong amount, and you might have to play much more close-combated then you'd like. You have to learn to play around that!

Armors you can take
- Leather Armor - Optimal. Low Resistances but gives you Bonus Rate of Fire and Faster Reload Perks. Since you are not in front lines this is very good. Also gives you Quick Recovery and Easier to Heal Perks. (Less AP healing yourself or someone else healing you)

Traits you can take
- Finesse - Very good perk. More Crit Chance for half of Bonus Damage during Critical hit
- Four Eyes - Very good but hard perk. Using Weapons with scope allows you to see much further to the front. But everything to the sides will be severly reduced!

Perks you can take
- Simian Warfare - Almost Must Have
- Sharpshooter - Very Good. +Weapon Range
- Hawk Eyes - Very Good. +Sight Range
- Silent Hill Death - Good. +Damage on LowHP Enemy critical hits
- Trick Shooter - Okey. Will send weapons flying out of hands instead of cripple hand
- Living Anatomy - Okey. +3% Crit Chance and you can see Teammates HP