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Entry in hotkeys.ini
What this keybind does
quick_use_0=altl 1 @ 40
Use Stimpak on yourself
quick_use_1=altl 2 @ 144
Use Super Stimpak on yourself
quick_use_2=altl 3 @ 7651
Use Bandage on yourself
quick_use_3=altl 4 @ 7652
Use Tourniquet on yourself
quick_use_4=altl 5 @ 7657
Use Mex-X on yourself
quick_use_5=altl 6 @ 273
Use Healing Powder on yourself
quick_use_6=lshift 1 @ 7655
Use Voodoo on yourself
quick_use_7=lshift 2 @ 110
Use Psycho on yourself
quick_use_8=lshift 3 @ 259
Use Afterburner on yourself
quick_use_9=lshift 4 @ 7656
Use Steady on yourself
quick_use_10=KEYBIND @ 1005
Use Blue Nuka Cola on yourself
aim_head=ctrll w
Aim onto Head
aim_groin=ctrll x
Aim onto Groin
aim_eye=ctrll q
Aim onto Eyes
aim_body=ctrll s
Aim onto Torso
aim_right_arm=ctrll d
Aim onto Right Arm
aim_left_arm=ctrll a
Aim onto Left Arm
aim_right_leg=ctrll c
Aim onto Right Leg
aim_left_leg=ctrll z
Aim onto Left Leg
use_S_target=ctrll 1
Use Stimpak on someone
use_SS_target=ctrll 2
Use Super Stimpak on someone
use_Band_target=ctrll 3
Use Bandage on someone
use_Tour_target=ctrll 4
Use Tourniquet on someone
use_HP_target=ctrll 5
Use Healing Powder on someone
first_aid=altl F1
Use First Aid on yourself
doctor=altl F2
Use Doctor on yourself
show_roof=ctrll space
Show bodies highlighted
Use Utility Slot
use_util_on_self=altl e
Use Utility Slot on yourself. (In case of grenade drops beneath your feet)
Reload Weapon in Main-Hand
reloads2=altl r
Reload Weapon in Off-Hand
Switches between different Displays of Weapon Effective / Max Ranges.
Place Markers, visible to your whole Squad.
loot_all=altl g
Loot everything below you. Only works in your base.
drop_all=altl d
Drop everything below you. Only works in your base.
Push yourself into the position of person in-front of you. Only works in Faction Area.
Turns your Character to your Mouse Cursor. Also works by pressing Mousewheel.
show_timeout=ctrll t
Show or Hide various Timeouts.
show_map_zooming=shift z
Shows current Map Zoom
show_combatlog=ctrll l
Shows Combatlog
warmode_toggle=lshift w
Obsolete. Doesn't work anymore.
warmode_status=lshift s
Obsolete. Doesn't work anymore.

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