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Updated 16.06.2022

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Level 3 Perks
Good Perk
Adds +3 Skillpoints per Level. (Works for previous Levels as well, don't worry at which level you take it)
Very Good Perk if you move a lot.
+35 to your Armor Class. Especially useful for Sneakers and classes that move around a lot.
Heave Ho!
Good Perk
Your Throwing Range is as if you had 200% Throwing Skills. However, it only affects throwing range, so it will not unlock Grenade Perks!
Must have for Sneaker
Double Sneak Bonus from being close to wall. Must have for Sneaker. Useless otherwise.
Adrenaline Rush
Okey Perk
Up to +5 Damage TRESHOLD, NOT RESISTANCE, TRESHOLD. When Low HP. So very good against Bursters.
So +2.5 Treshold at 50% HP. Etc. Etc.
Light Step
Useless Perk
Traps not ingame. Do not use.
Living Anatomy
Must have for Healers. Good for Snipers
+3% Base Crit Chance
And you see HP-Bar for every of your Teammates!
Man of Steel
Very Good Perk if you have low Luck. Okey if you have high Luck.
Adds +3 Luck for Resisting Critical Strikes.
Improved Hemostasis
Very Good Perk
Improves Bleed Resistance by 20%
Armor Efficiency
Okey Perk
Armor Bypass bypasses 20% less Armor on you.
Fast Reload
Good Perk
-10% AP on Reload
Very Good if you use Weapons that cost HUGE amount of AP to reload like MG's, Rocket Launchers, Miniguns. Where you can lower reload by 10-20 AP easily.
Faith Healer
Must have for Healers. Very Good for everyone else.
You get only 2/3rd of Bandage Rate. (Very good!!)
Basic Medkits get consumed slower. (Meh)
Field Medic
Okey Perk
-25 AP Cost of FA or Doc. Does also work on yourself! However with 200 FA or Doctor, only gives -12,5 AP.
Dr. Strangelove
Very good perk
+50 HP when healing with First Aid or Doctor.
+5% Explosive Damage Resistance.
Medicinae Doctor
Can be good if you have low amount of Skillpoints / Intelligence
If you have 200% First Aid, you will have 200% Doctor. And Vice Versa. Takes bigger Skill and applies it to smaller of those two Skills as well.
Can be good, usually Mediocre.
You can see to your Front-Sides just as far as to your front. Actually underrated perk. Helps you detect Sneakers and remain situational Awareness. I strongly recomment this Perk for Sneakers or Long Range Characters! Doesn't work when you have Scope!!
Evil Scientist
Useless Perk
Traps not ingame. Do not use.
Very Good if you are in -AP a lot.
Especially good for Classes that go into -AP a lot. (Medics and Heavy Guns or Early Tier Snipers with huge Reload AP costs)
Level 6 Perks
Very Good for Snipers. Good for others.
+2 Perception for Range Modifiers. Especially noticeable when Aiming at Body parts. (But can also give Burster +1 - +2 Effective Range.)
Quick Recovery
Very Good Perk if low Resistances to Status Effects. Good Perk otherwise
-0.8 seconds Knockout. -20% Length of Bad Status Effects (Winded, Suppressed, Disoriented)
Weapon Handling
Okey Perk
+2 Strength for determining Weapon Strength Requirements. Effectively boosting up your Effective Range with a weapon if you have lower Strength.
Hawk Eyes
Almost Must Have for Snipers and Sneakers. But Good for everyone
+2 Perception for Sight Range.
Level 9 Perks
Good Perk
+5% Damage Resistance on everything
Critical Strength / Perception / Endurance / Agility
Good Perks
Increases Critical Resistance for Strength or Perception or Endurance or Agility by 15%.
Nerves of Steel
Good Perk
+2 Luck for Determining Critical Resistances and no penalty to Damage Resistances when you are Winded, Disoriented or Suppressed.
Autonomous Regeneration
Okey Perk
Every 10 seconds, 40% chance to heal random Body Part. Stacks with Lizard Limbs so you can have 80%. Also gives you +2 Healing Rate.
Level 12 Perks
Okey Perk
+20 HP
Good Perk if low Charisma. Bad if high Charisma
+5 Charisma for determining Suppression Resistance
Do or Die
Okey Perk
The lower your HP, the higher your AP+ Regen (Up to +5 AP per second)
Level 15 Perks
Action Boy
Good Perk
+2 Agility for AP+ Regeneration (+ 1.5 AP per second)
Bonus Rate of Fire
Good Perk
Very Good if you use Weapons that cost HUGE amount of AP to shoot like aimed Sniper Shots, Rocket Launchers. Where you can lower shots by 5-8 AP easily.
Bad Perk.
+50 AP for killing Player.
+25 AP for killing NPC.
Can be good if you somehow make a lot of kills or you go farm Dungeons with lots of NPCs. 90% outclassed by Action Boy.
Silent Hill Death
Killstealing Perk. (Good Perk)
Do up to 100% more Bonus Damage to enemies with critical shots if their HP is low. (Below 5%)
If enemy is under 0 HP. No matter if -150 or -10, he will get full +100% damage. Which makes it very good to Killsteal as Sniper :D
Venomous Hands
Good Perk for Melee.
Your Melee Attacks inflict Poison and slow down Enemies.
Level 18 Perks
Gain Strength / Perception / Endurance / Charisma / Intelligence / Agility / Luck
Okey Perk
+1 Special Point
Level 21 Perks
The Impaler
Bad Perk. Very buggy.
Your Spears can pierce multiple targets. Usually super hard to do.
Street Samurai
Bad Perk. Very buggy.
You are able to switch between 1 handed weapons without interuption and while moving with cooldown of 0.4s.
I remember I tried to use it last season, it was super laggy and reset me back to original position. If it is fixed it can actually be strong perk. Otherwise Garbage.
Shotgun Surgeon
No idea. Looks to be good.
Instead of Knockbacks, your Shotgun will Cripple targets. If you load Slug-Ammo, it will however Knockback anyway.
Good Perk
When throwing Grenades from Hands / Util Slot they no longer get removed from there. However throwing Grenades +25 AP.
Very good if you plan on using Grenades. WHICH YOU SHOULD NO MATTER YOUR CLASS!!!
Simian Warfare
Almost Must have for Snipers / Single Shot Builds. Bad for Bursters
When you have full (100) AP, (or 70 if you use Afterburner Gum Drug), your Aimtime is cut in half. Super important to land shots as Snipers before your enemy can hide behind something!
Bursters can simply use CTRL (Free Burst) to not aim.
PMS Defense
Good Perk if high Bleed Resistance. Useless Perk if low Bleed Resistance
10% of damage received is converted into Bleed Damage. (Basically into Damage over Time)
Lazer Rifling
Good Perk
+5% Maximum Hitchance.
Good for every build.
Trick Shooter
Good Perk
If you cripple enemy hands, they will instead lose weapon on ground. This is very strong because weapon drops do not work like FO2. It will NOT land under the enemy! It will fly away 1-2 hexes away from them. Good luck finding it! Especially in smoke or fire. (There is always a lot of Smoke and fire in battlefield).
Barricade Tactitian
Good Perk for Deployment Builds. Okey for others if you can use Cover.
If you get any Cover Bonus, this Cover Bonus is +10%.
VERY good for Classes that have to deploy, because deploying gives you natural cover bonus, so every time you deploy you get an additonal +10% missed hit chance on yourself. Also very good if you can use Cover (Which most will not be able to do)