You are SPECIAL!
Updated: 16.06.2022

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- Probably most important thing Strength gives: Each Weapon has Strength Requirement. But instead of adding on cripple chance if you are below it, it LOWERS your effective range!!! So if you want to be Sniper absolutely make sure you have Strength of Sniper etc. etc.
Range is HUGE part of this game! Some weapons can shoot 90+ Hexes!!!
And fights will CONSTANTLY switch between range and close combat. So range is important even for Bursters!
- 33% of Base Hitpoints you get from Strength (Other 66% from Endurance)
- Bleed Resistance (Slows down your Bleeding which is new feature on this Server)
- Weapon Drop Resistance. Knockout Resistance.
- Carry Weight (Much more important then in FO2.)

- Sight Range
- Effective Range, even for Bursters, but VERY important for Snipers if you want to make aimed shots!!
- Eye Cripple Resistance
- Disorientation Resistance
- 40% of Base Critical Chance

- 66% of Base Hitpoints you get from Endurance (Other 33% from Strength)
- HP per Level
- Healing Rate
- Knockout Duration (Lower with higher Endurance)
- Arm/Leg Cripple resistance
- Winded Resistance
- Bleed Resistance (Slows down Bleeding)

- How much Leadership Boosts you get if we have dedicated Leader with Implants
- Suppression Resistance. (Very important! Each time a Burst flies past you, you can get suppressed! Which means you will WALK!!.

At start of season there won't be much Bursting Weapons and definitely no Leader with Implants. So make 1 Charisma at start of Season. But after a few Weeks you definitely want to have 3 or 4!!

You need much more Intelligence then in FO2 to get everything maxxed. 6 Intellect will basically mean you can max out your weapon Skill and THAT'S IT! Without Traits you want to have at least 6-8 Intellect. Unless you know what you are doing with your build I do not recomment going lower!

- Skill Points per Level
- Crit Chance Bonus from Aimed Shots!! (Important for Snipers!!)
- 40% of Base Critical Chance

- AP+ Regeneration. (So. In AoP you regenerate AP even while you move, but at slower rate. Agility increases this "additional" AP regeneration.
- 66% Armor Class (MUCH MORE viable then Fo2!!! You can easily cut of 20% hit chance from enemy by having Dodger Perk for example while you are running)
- Bleed Resistance (Slower Bleeding)
- Knockdown Resistance
- Armor Bypass Resistance

- 20% of Base Critical Chance
- Crit Chance Bonus for AIMED shots.
- Critical Resistance (With other words. Even bursters will want Luck because it lowers chance of sniper critically hitting you)
- Lowers how hard Armor Bypasses are on you. (Armor Bypass Resistance)
- Bleed Resistance (Slower Bleeding)
- 33% of your Armor Class.

As you can see. EVERY Special is important. And every class wants every special in some way or another. Even if you are no Sniper, Luck will give you Critical Resistance. Even if you are no Burster, Strength will give you Weapon Range. Etc. Etc.