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Updated 16.06.2022

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Fast Metabolism
Good mediocre trait with downsides
You heal quicker. BUT! You have LOT LESS Bleed Resistance! Which means that if you bleed you loose HP quicker! Can be good. Can be bad. Basically perk with strength and weaknesses.
Generally not recommended
Lower AP+ Regen as if you lost 3 Agility. But you get 2 Strength.
Small Frame
Good Trait with downsides
Knockdown Rolls -2 Agility. But you get +1 Agility.
Very good Trait for Snipers
+10% Base Critical Chance (Which means much more Aimed Critical Chance)
Half Bonus Damage from Critical Hits.
Heavy Handed
Must have Perk for Melee. Yes. Melee is viable in AoP
+20 Melee Damage
-1 Agility
Fast Shot
Very Okey Perk with downsides. Must have for Heavy Class.
-10% AP cost for shooting
-5% Maximum Hit Chance.
Since Heavy Class uses CTRL to shoot Rockets / Flame, they don't get that much disadvantage from less Hit Chance.
Dead Man Walking
Best Trait hands down. VERY GOOD TRAIT!!
-10 Max HP
+100 HP when you are in minus. So you can get to -200 instead of -100 before dying.
Lizard Limbs
Okey Perk. Especially combined with Perk Autonomous Regeneration.
Every 10 seconds 40% chance to heal random limb & Double Poison Healing
-5 Healing Rate
Very good perk!
8 additional Skillpoints per Level
BUT!! Perk every 4 Levels instead of 3 Levels so you have 6 Perks at end instead of 8. Unlike FO2 this can actually be very viable!
Drug Dealer
Must Have for Medics only.
Healing Drugs 50% more effective (heal 50% more)
BUT! Using on yourself cost double AP!
Yes. You can be full-time Medic and just heal your teammates and actually be probably carrying your team because of that
Four Eyes
Good for experienced Snipers!
Also for experienced FO2 Snipers, it's important to have situational awareness basically
So. A bit hard to explain. Basically. If your Sniper has a Scope, you see further in-front of you. But to your sides and your back you are almost blind.
Blind Luck
Not working.
Don't take. Traps not in-game
You can not Tag Skills, but each SPECIAL stat gets +1 Point.
Good Trait with Downsides
+5 Charisma for purpose of resisting Suppression effect. (1 Charisma = 2-3%. Depends on how much charisma you have. So +5 is in-between 10 and 15% suppression resistance)
Lowers Armor Class to 0 at all times.