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Last Season:
Season 7
Current Season:
None (20.04.2024)
Next Season:
Season 8
Welcome to the Wiki for FOnline: Ashes of Phoenix (commonly abbreviated: AoP). AoP is a free-to-play PvP focused online game, which runs in Seasons, usually lasting a few months until a faction eradicates all other factions. The game is set in the Fallout universe - specifically using the modified FOnline engine of the first two Fallout games, 1 and 2. The game features no shop, nor a way to donate - it is a complete non-commercial and non-profitable project paid out of the developers own pockets.

In-game, you start out by creating a character, which you control throughout the game. You join a faction and then fight for it, trying to control the different zones on the map, with the ultimate goal of defeating and extinguishing the other factions - thus concluding a season. After this, a new season is launched to start the gameplay loop all over again.

As the game is in continuous and active development, there might be minor to major changes to the game during a season, and major and massive changes in-between seasons - usually spicing up / balancing gameplay or adding / removing content and mechanics.

A quick summary of the game would be: faction-warfare, map-control, character-progression, loot-progression, full-loot drop on death, team-focused gameplay, tier-progression, different player-made classes, crafting system, rng mechanics, fallout-esque visual and lore style, pve-content to grind up gear, experience and materials, realistic-esque combat via a multitude of gameplay features like smokes, bursts, suppression, bleeding, limb-cripples, fires, gas and realistic guns from real history from the 18th century up to modern times. Futuristic technology & weapons usually at end of season.
We heavily advise you to join the Official Ashes of Phoenix Discord to find help, engage in fun conversation as well as find a squad / faction to play with.
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